Weddings are made in Heaven as well as celebrated with the couple’s religion & culture. If you are attending Hindu Wedding then there will be many auspicious traditions and rituals which everyone is following. Different Cultures, different styles of wedding with different and best banquet hall.

The Wedding Date Based On the Stars:

Before every Hindu wedding, an auspicious time, called Muhurta is fixed. With the help of bride and groom’s date of birth, astrologists calculate the position of planets and stars to reflect the celestial union of the couple. A Gautra (Couple’s at least last three generations) are announced before the wedding as according to them both need to have different gautra (As suggested by Priests and it’s completely depend on the believe).

The ceremony of Sangeet before Marriage:                                                  

Before 2 or 3 days of the wedding day or the D day, there is pre party known as Sangeet where all the family members comes together to sing, dance and express their joy for the function, singing and dancing(according to their traditions). Now days both Groom & Bride choose their sangeet venue /party venueand Affordable banquet together. The Sangeet ceremony along with Mehndi Rasam(Putting Heena on Bride’s hand) shows we are ready to kick off the grand Heritage.

The Bride’s Hands and Feet Are Adorned with Henna/Mehendi:

During the Sangeet  ceremony, , henna is used to apply intricate designs to the bride’s hands and feet. This ceremony takes place one day before the wedding day or marriage.

The D- Day Arrives:

On the wedding day, both the families reached the marriage venue or wedding venue at the suggested time and start with the euphoric one. Bride Family welcome the Groom’s Family with the most joyful and traditional manner. All the rituals are followed during these ceremonies.

The Couple Exchanges Floral Garlands/Jai Mala:

This ceremony involves exchanging of Floral Garland between Bride and Groom .This expresses their desire to marry each other .

The Seven Vows In Indian Wedding:

The “Saat Phere” plays a vital role in every Hindu wedding. During this they tied knot together and make seven circles around a ceremonial fire, each signify a specific blessings

and importance in their life. In south Indian wedding too the same ritual follows to take seven circles in front of that fire. These seven vows of marriage are the seven promises to make each other happy and content at every stage of life. To help each other in every aspect.

Red Powder is Applied to the Bride’s Hair:

Sindoor, a red-orange powder, is applied in front of  woman’s hair, symbolizes her new status as a married woman. This tradition of applying sindoor is extremely promising and is being carried on since centuries.

The Groom Adorns the Bride with the Mangala Sutra:

 One of the most sacred customs in Hindu weddings is tying the mangalsutra around the neck of bride. A mangalsutra is basically a black and gold beaded necklace.

Mangalsutra carries immense importance in Hindu weddings as well as in the lives of Hindu married women.