Banquet halls are spacious rooms that can be decorated beautifully and differently for different occasions like weddings, receptions, engagements, religious gatherings, and other private and social functions. Most of the banquet halls also provide space for business conferences and official luncheons and dinners. In Delhi, you would find celebration venues like The Heritage Grand, located at Lawrence road, which features air-conditioned best banquet halls in west Delhi with all modern amenities. The Heritage Grand is famous for hosting grand weddings.

 Banquet halls have a big space to accommodate a flexible variety of layouts that includes both small and large gatherings. No matter whichever event you host in the best banquet halls of Delhi, every function becomes grand and graceful. Food and beverage is the most important service of any celebration venue and banquet halls make sure that their guests remember them for their catering. They serve food from all parts of the world. The host of the party can choose from an end number of menu options and pamper the taste buds of guests with mouth-watering dishes. All sound and lights arrangements are done to perfection to make every party a big hit. Heart-warming hospitality is synonymous to banquet halls in Delhi. Some of them have tastefully designed bars while others have separate smoking zones for guests. Almost all of them feature well-maintained washrooms and changing rooms.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Banquet hall for Business & Private Functions

When you need to select a hall, there are several things that you must consider:

  • Location – It is best to find a location that is central and within a short driving distance. A location that is far away or isolated usually does not work very well because most people will find driving out too far to be too much trouble. You may also need to consider the traffic in the area you live in. If traffic is heavy, find a hall not too far away.
  • Capacity You probably know how many people you want to invite to the event. Always look for a hall that can accommodate the said number of people. If you have too small a banqueting hall, you will find that everyone will be squeezed. The seating will be too tight, pathways will be obstructed and everything will look disorganized. Find one that is spacious enough for your guests to sit comfortably, have wide enough paths and more.
  • Facilities – These cannot be ignored. Consider the air conditioning in the banquet rooms, the furniture, culinary, sound system, audiovisual set up and the bathrooms too. Parking space can become an issue if it is limited, so ensure that there is enough for all your guests. If you will be using their in-house caterers, be sure to check out the menu and where possible, have a taste test. If you are using a different caterer, ensure that you have a kitchen that they can use to set up and clean up.
  • Interior Decor – When you select a hall, it will need to work well with your overall theme. The way the room is designed will affect the interior decor that you can use. Banquet rooms will need to be decorated so that you capture the mood of the day. If it is an awards event, it should be elegant. If it is a party, then the decor and mood should be festive. Whatever add-ons you get, such as flowers, should be carefully selected to match the event and the hall.