Are you looking forward to booking a banquet hall for wedding in west Delhi ? Is there someone special to you whose birthday is coming in a few days and you want to give a big birthday bash to him/her? Have your father retired from his job, and you’re planning to make his retirement a memorable one?

Whatever the occasion is, The Heritage Grand is here to celebrate your moment with you and make it an unforgettable one. We will make the best arrangements possible such that you and your loved ones will enjoy every moment of that day.

Why The Heritage Grand is best banquet hall for your Next Event..

Wedding Planning

The Heritage Grand knows for banquet hall for wedding in west Delhi offers exceptional Wedding Planning service. Here, we have the industry’s best wedding planning experts who are capable enough to handle weddings effectively. They are responsible for delivering a prosperous and joyous occasion. We can plan your event in such a way that you don’t have to worry about a single thing, and all your guests will get life-long unforgettable experience. The wedding is a once in a lifetime thing, so why don’t make it a memorable one? Give us a chance to serve you and also to be a part of your special occasion.


Our catering service is the industry-recognized and had been the best in this field for years. The Heritage Grand has the best faculty and the people to prepare dishes which will meet your expectations. We offer a variety of different cuisines and recipes to add another star in your event. Trust Us!

Conference Meeting

Have an important meeting next week with your clients or want a one on one interaction with your team in a quiet environment without any distractions? For whatever your requirement is, we have all the necessary arrangements for organizing a successful conference meeting. Here, you can easily discuss anything with your team and clients in a luxurious environment. Our arrangements will help you to deliver an excellent impression over your clients. Who knows maybe you’ll get your next big deal?

Disk Jockey

We will make your occasion a musical one with our fabulous DJ facility. Our experts will play the right music at the right time. We use a wide range of quality speaker to make the music loud enough for everyone to hear and pleasant enough that it will not become noise for children and old people.

Spacious Parking Facility

Arranging a big parking space to park vehicles is a massive task for any Banquet. It cannot be predicted exactly how many vehicles needed to be park during an occasion and it sometimes becomes a problem also. It is also not safe to park a car outside the banquets. The trouble with police may arise, or if worse, they can tow away your vehicle. Also, there is a danger of the damage caused by some antisocial beings to the car.  

To solve this problem, The Heritage Grand best know for best luxury banquet hall in west Delhi offers you a vast parking space for around 400 cars inside the banquets with security and CCTV surveillance to protect your vehicle from any mishap if arises.